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Virus slows down iPhone chip production

virus slows down chip production iphone

A computer virus partially shuts down production at chip maker TSMC. The Taiwanese company manufactures among other things the processors for the coming iPhone generation.

A few weeks before the expected release of the new iPhones in September, Apple’s chip supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) was the victim of a virus attack on Friday. The economic intelligence service Bloomberg writes that the company had to stop production in several factories.

In a press release , TSMC said on Saturday that 80 percent of its production had been restored, while in the remaining factories, treadmills were scheduled to restart until Sunday. The company estimates the loss at around 3 percent of sales in the third quarter. That could correspond to about $ 250 million, as the chip maker in the previous quarter about $ 8.3 billion.

No targeted hacker attack

TSMC has written that the computer virus was released by a bug when installing software for a new component. The malicious software had spread when the new plant was first connected to the corporate network. It was not a hacker attack and confidential information from clients had not been stolen, the company stresses. More information will follow in the coming days.

The financial damage is rather insignificant for TSMC. But the company will definitely want to prevent its reputation from suffering from the incident. TSMC is the world’s largest chip manufacturer, which supplies besides Apple also Qualcomm, Nvidia or AMD.

According to Reuters, analysts expect no major impact on the production of the new iPhone generation. Manufacturers and supply chain are prepared for such incidents. TSMC expects to recover from the failures in the third quarter. Apple has not yet commented on the incident.

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