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knife attack injures kindergarten children China

knife attack injures kindergarten children China

At least 14 children were injured in a knife attack at a kindergarten in Chongqing, southwest China.

Police say a 39-year-old woman who carried a kitchen knife entered the school in the Banan district on Friday morning when the children were in the playground.

The reason for the attack is not clear, although some reports in social networks say that the woman had a complaint against the government.

The woman, whose last name was Liu, was arrested at the scene.

The video that circulates on social networks shows injured children being taken out of school, some of them seem to have knife marks on their faces.

Other shots seem to show that the police are removing the alleged attacker.
The police have denied media reports of the deaths of two children. In social networks, people were asked not to transmit “rumors”.

Violent crime is relatively rare in China, but in recent years there has been a series of attacks with unrelated knives in schools and kindergartens.

In general, they were carried out by people who sought revenge from officials or individuals, or who suffered from mental health problems.

In April, nine high school students died when a 28-year-old man attacked them on the way home.

He was reportedly harassed at school when he was a child. He was executed in September.

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