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Habits you need to kill in 2019 to be more successful

Habits you need to kill in 2019 to be more successful
Habits you need to kill in 2019 to be more successful

We are at the beginning of the year, it is time for budgets and leaving behind old things and those that do not go. Usually when it comes to bad habits to be eliminated on thinks immediately about food or smoking, but in reality there are also some mental attitudes that we should eliminate to get better not only physically but also mentally. These are 9 habits or situations that we have to get rid of in 2019 to live a year of psycho-physical wellness:

1) belittle : we are good, we are great, we are strong, we are capable! Just belittle and think that others are always better than us: we must have more confidence in ourselves and make us more compliments, not just criticism

2) balance : it is OK to want to be fit, but we can not live obsessed with every single gram more. Throw the scale into the trash

3) sports that we do not like : you have decided to go running to lose weight and tone up, but do you actually hate running? You’re going to the gym because everyone tells you it’s fine, but do you hate the gym? Why force yourself in workouts and sports that you do not like? Look for something you really like and do that

4) change the part of the body that we do not like : thinking of having to solve at all costs an imperfection of our body that we hate is something that does not make us feel good about ourselves. Celebrate the body, highlight your strengths and do not always criticize it

5) feed forcefully with healthy foods : they told you that the cabbage is good and then eat cabbage continuously. But you hate the cabbage. Since life is short and you can be healthy in many other ways, why spend your time swallowing something you do not like? In this way your diet is destined to fail after a short time. Try rather to experiment with other healthy foods and diets until you find the one that’s right for you

6) perfectionism : it’s OK to have a goal, but it’s not good to be constantly obsessed with the pursuit of perfection. Giving unrealistic or unrealistic goals is detrimental to both physical and mental health. Sometimes it is a simple defense mechanism, we are unconsciously trying to protect ourselves from other judgment. Rather, we focus our energies on progress made, not on how much is lacking in achieving perfection

7) obsessively count calories : just count every single calorie introduced, you will end up having a negative relationship with food. Food is the fuel of the body, so you have to introduce it. Without exaggerating, it is true, but without going into paranoia if you have eaten a little more today than usual

8) stress : are you anxious chronic? This can have a negative impact on your health. You have to work on the cause of your stress and anxiety, perhaps even asking for the help of experts: understand what is stressed and try to eliminate or modify that cause


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