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FBI investigators check Florida leads

FBI investigators check Florida leads

The FBI has searched a mail facility near Miami as investigators try to find out who is behind a series of suspected explosives packages.

The devices were sent to eight high-profile people, including former President Barack Obama and actor Robert De Niro.

Unidentified officials told US media that investigators believe that at least one was sent from Florida.

The FBI has not published any details of its investigation.

Similar packages were also sent to former Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The post office you are looking for is located in Opa-locka, where security photographs were taken. A bomb squad and a dog unit escorted federal officials, Miami-Dade police said.

What we know about the drone bombs in the United States.

On Thursday night, the Time Warner Center in New York was evacuated after reports of a suspicious package, but later it was declared a false alarm. The building houses the CNN news network, which received one of the devices the day before.
Earlier, the assistant director of the FBI, William Sweeney, acknowledged that the white powder found in the package sent to CNN “was not a biological threat.”

Mr. Sweeney said that in the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia, outside Washington DC, exhaustive investigations of all packages would be conducted.

New York Police Chief James O’Neill could not confirm that the entire team was going to explode, but said the officials “treat them as suspicious explosives.”

“This has to be taken very seriously,” he said. “As for a dizzy device, we do not treat it that way.”

Mr. O’Neill added that the authorities “do not know at this time” if there are additional devices in the post office. He said the police work with postal service officials “to make sure that, if there is one, we can quickly identify them.”

On Thursday morning, the FBI said Mr. Biden received two suspicious packages and found a similar package at a New York restaurant owned by Mr. De Niro.

How did the bomb threat unfold?

The series of bombing alerts began on Monday, when a suspicious device was found in the mailbox of billionaire George Soros, a big donor of the Democratic Party.

The devices were sent to the following eight people, according to the FBI:

  • Lord soros
  • Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
  • Former President Barack Obama
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden
  • Former CIA director John Brennan is in charge of CNN
  • Former Attorney General Eric Holder
  • California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters
  • Mr. De Niro
    None of the devices went out.

What happened to De Niro?

An alleged explosive device was found early Thursday, local time, in a building in Manhattan. Here are Mr. De Niro’s production company and the Tribeca Grill restaurant.

The mayor of the city of New York, Bill de Blasio, praised the “really ingenious work of a security guard” that alerted the authorities.

According to the Associated Press, the guard was out of work on Thursday and had seen a message in a news report about the packages that others had received.

This person recalled having discovered something similar in the mail room of the building and immediately called the authorities who removed the device at 06:30 (10:30 GMT), reports AP.

The CNN office in New York was evacuated on Wednesday morning after the package addressed to Mr. Brennan was found at his post office.

The Academy Award-winning actor has been a vocal critic of President Trump
The Academy Award-winning actor has been a vocal critic of President Trump

Why is it so political?

It is known that each person who sent the package is a critic of President Donald Trump.

The attempted bomb attack also occurs two weeks before the mid-term elections with a strongly polarized US policy.

On Wednesday, President Trump responded to the news of the suspicious packages demanding more courtesy in public life.

“Those involved in the political arena should stop treating political opponents as morally flawed,” he said at a rally in Wisconsin.

“No one should carelessly compare political opponents with historical villains, which is often done.”

The president made no specific reference to the intended recipients of the packages.

His critics called his comments hypocritical, since he often uses malicious language against his opponents and the press.

Former CIA director John Brennan tweeted Trump on Thursday: “Stop blaming others, look in the mirror, your seditious rhetoric, insults, lies and the encouragement of physical violence are a shame.”

But conservatives say that Democrats are responsible for the state of political discourse in the United States.

They say that the Democrats, including those attacked by the threat of bombing, have promoted the behavior of the “angry mafia”.



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