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Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Does Penis Size Really Matter?
Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Imposing and powerful, never weakening, bandaged sex porn actors impress when they do not give complexes to some men. They insidiously make their audience believe that a great sex is a sign of power. Info or intox ? Does a big penis make a man more manly? Does he make him a better “fucker”? The question haunts many males. How are they not to take a discreet look at the sex of their neighbors in the locker room? Many are also those who are complexed by the length of their phallus; no less than 68% of men would like to have a bigger penis according to the study published in 2008 in the Journal of Health Psychology. Some do not hesitate to spend on billiards to undergo a phalloplasty that will lengthen their genital. By partially cutting the suspensory ligaments at the base of the penis, the operation can save a few centimeters at rest but does not improve the quality of the erection.

In 2014, no less than 15,414 men in the world underwent such an operation while according to reports of surgeons, their genitalia were of a normal size. Small reminder, the average size of an erect sex is 14 cm for an average circumference of 11 cm, erection always. Why on earth do men believe their sex is too small?

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A great sex if the man has the build

What if men wanted a big penis to please women? What do these women think about the size of the male sex? Several scientific studies have examined the question. We will remember the one of 2013 led by Brian Mautz, Michael Jennions, Bob Wong, Richard Peters of the Australian National University in Canberra and published in the Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences).

After having shown to 105 young women of 26 years on average about fifty digital images of silhouettes of men whose sizes, body and sex at rest (!) Differed, these specialists concluded that women had an attraction all the more more important for large penises than men had an imposing build or a large size. The attraction for the big phallus did not play if these gentlemen were small or well wrapped. Scientists have highlighted that what attracted the most women was the shape of the bust, the large size because its assessment weighed, according to their calculations, for 79.6%, against 5.1% for the size of the body and 6.1% for that of the penis. Moreover the notion of “large” penis proved quite relative since beyond 7.6 cm at rest, the length of sex became a less important factor of choice. It is recalled that the average length of the male sex at rest is between 7.5 and 10.2 cm for a circumference of 8 cm. Not to worry the vast majority of men.

Australian scientists have explained such feminine preferences through the history of human evolution. As the first men did not wear clothing, females used penis size as one of the factors in choosing the best potential partner for reproduction. By opting preferentially for a sexual partner with a “big” penis, they have favored this trait over generations in men.

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16 centimeters in erection, the ideal!

In 2015, another study conducted this time by the University of California confirmed women’s preference for larger penises. Nicole Prause, Jaymie Park, Shannon Leung, Geoffrey Miller, showed 75 women no less than 33 3D models of erect penises of different sizes and sizes. From female preferences, these researchers concluded that for women, the ideal size of the erect penis was 16 centimeters in length and 12 in circumference. A dimension close to normal since the average length is 14 cm. But the study “Women’s Preferences for Penis Size: A New Research Method Using Selection among 3D Models” published in the scientific journal PLoS ONE has refined the preferences by asking women to link the size of sex with the type of relationship.

The answers showed that the ideal size of the male sex varied according to the partner’s choice! The sex of the man who shares the life of the woman was ideally smaller than that of the partner of one evening: 16 cm in length for the regular partner and 16.25 for the one-time partner. And 12.2 cm in circumference for the regular man against 12.7 for the blow of a night. A small difference that researchers explain by advancing the hypothesis that the woman opts for a physical comfort when the relationship seems stable over time. But if studies show that women are more attracted to a large penis – a very relative size that has nothing to do with the sex of a Rocco Siffredi who would measure 22 centimeters – it is obvious that a large penis is not pledge of pleasure. If he can help the man to have some confidence in him, he does not make him a good lover concerned with the pleasure of his partner. The last word goes back to Catherine, 30: “My current partner has a much smaller sex than the previous one. It made me feel uncomfortable at first, but I discovered that he used it a lot better, as if this physical “handicap” had pushed him to be more imaginative, more concerned with my pleasure … ”

So yeah! If some women fantasize about big penis, it does mean that a big penis will necessarily satisfy them. I think that “Only men with a flaccid length of less than 4 centimeters [1.6 inches], or a stretched or erect length of less than 7.5 centimeters [3 inches] should be considered candidates for penile lengthening.

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