Morning side scholarship 2019-2020

Morning Side College Scholarship 2019-2020

Morningside College is currently seeking international students looking to enroll in their undergraduate programs. Morningside College was founded in 1894 as a private, four-year, coeducational,...
83 Fully Funded University Alliance DTA3/COFUND PhD Fellowships in UK, 2019

83 Fully Funded University Alliance DTA3/COFUND PhD Fellowships in UK, 2019

The University Alliance is pleased to announce the new International Doctoral Fellowship Program co-funded by the European Union. This is a fully funded three-year...
Cameroon GCE 2018 Results


The results of the 2018 General Certificate of Examinations (GCE) have been released. This year’s results were released on Monday July 23 and they show...

Competitive Exam Into FGI 2018

Doors have been opened for the competitive exam into FGI (Faculté de Génie Industriel) Douala. This competitive exam is to be held on the...
university of kent

Kent LLM First Class Honours Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Kent in UK, 2018

T he Kent Law School is inviting applications for Kent LLM First Class Honours Scholarships for students who undertake a taught LLM at the Canterbury...
australian scholarships

Scholarships for Undergraduates, Graduates and Postgraduates in Austria, 2018

Scholarships are being granted for undergraduate, and postgraduate studies from the Republic of Austria. These Scholarships are awarded in the fields of natural sciences,...
Competitive Exam into 3rd year polytech 2018

Competitive Exam Into 3rd Year National POLYTECHNIQUE 2018/2019

Doors are open for the competitive examination into third year National POLYTECHNIQUE of the University of Yaounde 1. The following are the requirement for...

Does Taking Drugs And Alcohol Really Affect My Studies?

During brain's development stage, any type of trauma and / or brain wiring changes can affect brain function. The use of drugs is one...

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