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Info Domicile is a blog that offers the latest and most trending information in Cameroon and around the world. The blog posts of this blog are of fourteen main categories. These Categories can easily be navigated on the top menu or the menu above each page. These categories have carefully been selected in such a way as to target a large audience irrespective of their career or background. You won’t visit this blog without finding a post that will satisfy your curiosity or a need.
We provide news and articles about politics, sports, education, lifestyle, entertainment, fitness, relationships, travels, science and technology and a lot more.

This blog was created in May 2018 by Charly N. Gnoguem.

About Charly N. Gnoguem

Charly Nestor Gnoguem
Charly Nestor Gnoguem

Charly Nestor Gnoguem is Software Technologist from Buea, CM. He is a holder of a B.Tech in Computer Engineering (Software Engineering) and is currently working on several projects.

Born on 05/04/1996 in the family of the Fopoussi’s in Bamenda CM, Charly is animated by his passion and his love for beautiful things. Don’t hesitate to Visit Charly’s personal website if you need any assistance on Web or Android Development.